Day 1 (AGAIN)

SO…my little “new year, new me” reboot didn’t go quite according to plan.  Even with going grocery shopping and doing a big meal prep, my heart wasn’t in it.  So I backslid.  Everything was so promising on 1/1/15 as I went to yoga.  Then, it was lunch time to celebrate my stepdad’s birthday.  I tried to be good, but the sandwiches be callin’ me.  🙂

Therefore, today is my new day 1.  According to George Eliot, “It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  I did a big cookup this weekend.  I made:
Brazilian curry chicken

Bone broth
Chili chicken verde
Vegetarian minestrone
Chicken & vegetable soup
Shrimp chowder (dairy free)
Raspberry hot wings
Roasted broccoli & cauliflower
Spicy cauliflower rice

I think I’m going to enjoy everything except the minestrone.  I’m just not a huge tomato fan.

I also went to the gym today, since the office had a 2-hour delay.  Yup, I stepped on the dreaded scale, and found that I’m back up to 245.75.  So there’s that.


Actually, in the interest of transparency, I was going to the gym even if the office had opened on time.  This just gave me more time to putter around at home.  My plan had been to get in 3.1 miles so that I’d be ready for Miami, but that didn’t quite happen.  My knee started twinging early, so I stopped early.  Still, these were my first steps in many months!  The plan had been to do 2 minutes of walking at 3.5 mph, alternating with 1 minute of running at 5 mph.  I got through two sets before I started bargaining and wanting to do 5:1 intervals instead of 2:1 intervals.  I told myself “See, you shouldn’t start your next run at the 43 minute mark.  Start it at the 40 minute mark cuz that’s a nice round number.”  Meanwhile, my knee was throbbing away.


Day 1 Meal 1: Brazilian Curry Chicken.  This stuff is so good.  It’s spicy and flavorful and tender.  And the best part is that it was cooked in a slow cooker, so I didn’t have to slave over a stove.  I got the recipe here:



Day 1 (Redux)

So, since last week was so terrible, I decided to start over.  I did some meal prep last night, even though I was so tired I thought I might pass out.  It wasn’t the prettiest meal prep ever, and there was lots of cussing during the process, but I have enough food to last through Wednesday, I think.  I made crispy salmon, spicy cauliflower fried rice, brussels sprouts with bacon and dijon mustard, baked sweet potatoes, and mini egg muffins with a sweet potato crust.  So far so good.

Week 1 Meal Prep

Mmm…meal prep!

I also got up this morning and did the unthinkable.  That’s right…I did Cardio from the Focus T25 program.  I was so out of breath, it wasn’t even funny.  And Jimmy kept taunting me by jumping against the wall to show me how much more fit she is than I.  Oh well, at least I finished.  You can tell the difference in the photos cuz my after pic looks like I’m struggling to breathe, even as I try to smile.

Day 1

Here I am BEFORE the workout started



Here I am AFTER I did Cardio


Here’s Day 1 Meal 1.  I also drank some S. Pellegrino to try to deal with my craving for Pepsi.

Day 1 Meal 1

It’s going to be a journey, but I feel like I’m about ready.  I have my ride-or-die chick by my side.  Tonight, we’ll both do Cardio so that we can be on track with the rest of Donnisha’s challenge group next week.

Woo hoo!



Days 1 and 2 Were a Bust (Busts?)

On day 1, right after work, we went to pick up a bench for my ever-evolving dressing room area.  This Craigslist beauty was something to behold, at least in MY mind.

Faux Suede Bench

After we retrieved this beauty, for the low, low price of $39, we went next door to Trader Joe’s to hobnob with the wealthy-ish 25th St denizens.  That place was crowded like it was Black Friday at Best Buy.  We bought enough good food to cook to last for maybe three days.  When we got home, I realized that the aluminum foil that burned onto the bottom of the oven really can’t come off, and we have to order a new part..which takes several days to arrive…and was going to cost $45+ just for shipping.  So I sulked.  And gave Kelsey the silent treatment.  Cuz I’m a brat.  Anyway, after spending a few hours researching an alternative vendor, I gave up and went to Popeye’s for dinner.  So that was day 1.  No exercise, and an unhealthy ending.

Day 2 dawned with a bit more promise.  I felt cute in my mostly thrifted outfit, and decided to start over as day 1.  I didn’t have any easily prepared food in the fridge or cabinets, so I skipped breakfast.  Then, when lunch time came, I decided to go to roti, which was actually quite tasty (though not at all compliant with my Whole30ISH plan).  For dinner, I went to McDonald’s AGAIN after scoring another beautiful bench for the bedroom (forgot to take a pic).

So, today is day 3, and I’m hoping to play catch up today and tomorrow.  Wish me luck!


Day 1–How Fitting

This is my first blog post for our joint journey to fitness.  Well, technically, it’s only MY journey, since the wifesicle is pretty fit already (hello, marathoner!).  I’m mostly writing this blog for myself/us, but may choose to share it at some later date.  We’ve decided to do T25, and really stick with it this time.  Kelsey will also be training, some, during the winter.  However, running outside, in the cold, is the pits.  And since she has very little body fat to help her stay warm, it’s best that we find indoor fitness opportunities (heh heh heh).

I’m going to combine T25 with a modified Whole30 and some Bikram yoga.  I’m rejoining Bikram Riverdale for 90 days.  The expense is slightly prohibitive ($135/month), but it’s worth it for my health.  Right?!

Tonight is measurements (cue scary music) and our first workout of the series.  Starting on 12/1 works for my weird little OCD brain since it’s Monday and the first of the month.  Also, my 90 day Bikram pass will expire on 2/28/15.  The entire three months will be concurrent with three calendar months.  It’s like a gift to me.

Here goes nothin’!