Day 1–How Fitting

This is my first blog post for our joint journey to fitness.  Well, technically, it’s only MY journey, since the wifesicle is pretty fit already (hello, marathoner!).  I’m mostly writing this blog for myself/us, but may choose to share it at some later date.  We’ve decided to do T25, and really stick with it this time.  Kelsey will also be training, some, during the winter.  However, running outside, in the cold, is the pits.  And since she has very little body fat to help her stay warm, it’s best that we find indoor fitness opportunities (heh heh heh).

I’m going to combine T25 with a modified Whole30 and some Bikram yoga.  I’m rejoining Bikram Riverdale for 90 days.  The expense is slightly prohibitive ($135/month), but it’s worth it for my health.  Right?!

Tonight is measurements (cue scary music) and our first workout of the series.  Starting on 12/1 works for my weird little OCD brain since it’s Monday and the first of the month.  Also, my 90 day Bikram pass will expire on 2/28/15.  The entire three months will be concurrent with three calendar months.  It’s like a gift to me.

Here goes nothin’!


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